Best Ways to Save Money in Grocery Shopping

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Saving money on food does not have to be a daunting task. The best ways to save money on grocery shopping may take a little more time, but the money saved is well worth it. Find the best ways to save more on groceries:

Best Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping: Buy in Bulk

Buying food in bulk can be a good way to save money, as long as a few simple rules are followed. Items to buy in bulk include staples such as flour, rice, and canned goods, as long as the price is right. The bulk section of the food store offers lower prices than pre-packaged goods, sometimes for a fraction of what one would otherwise pay.

It doesn’t make sense to buy in bulk if the food will go to waste, so make sure food will be eaten or prepped for long-term storage right away.

Best Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping: Check the Unit Price

Grocery stores often offer the unit price of goods on shelves. Be sure to bring a calculator in case unit price is not displayed. Unit price simply means the cost per ounce for a specific item. Most grocery stores offer a selection of certain goods.

One example is canned soup. Name brand canned soup can cost nearly twice as much as store-brand when unit price is compared. Remember when using coupons that the unit price of a specific item can change when the coupon is applied. In some cases, that may mean buying the name brand canned soup after all.

Best Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping: Use Coupons

Using coupons can slash the grocery bill by up to half, if they are used correctly. Applying coupons to products that are already on sale, as long as the product will be consumed, can be a huge way to save money. Using coupons is another great reason to bring a calculator to the store. Not only can the unit price be compared when taking coupons into consideration, but it’s also nice to know how much money will be saved per item using coupons.

If the specific item is not on sale, sometimes it makes sense to hold off on purchasing that item until it is on sale. For example, French- fried onions are usually cheaper when buying the store brand, even if a coupon is used for the name brand, unless the name brand item is on sale.

Also be sure to check to see if the grocery store offers double coupon days. Often stores will offer double the value of a coupon up to a certain monetary value once per week or once per month. It makes sense to check before going to the store, especially if purchases can wait a couple of days.

Best Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping: Check Sale Ads

Checking grocery store ads before going to the store can save a lot of money. Comparing advertisements of competing stores can ensure the best deals on every day essentials, such as butter or cereal. Grocery stores often run sales in cycles, so staying aware of this fact can save the shopper lots of money.

For example, if butter goes on sale every six weeks, it would be wise to stock up on butter to last for six weeks until it goes on sale again. Matching coupons with sale ads can save more than 50% on some items.

The best ways to save money on groceries are to buy in bulk, check the unit price, use coupons, and check sale ads. When keeping all these in mind, many grocery shoppers can slash their grocery budget by 50% or more. Saving money on groceries can be a good way for a family to stay within the monthly budget and use the money saved on other essentials or fun non-essentials.


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