Top 5 Shopping Tips


Most of us need a few reminders of how to do smart shopping. The following are the top 5 shopping tips that will help you to shop smart.

1. Make a list when shopping. Many people are overspending or buying things they don’t want or need and just end up not using at all.

2. Set a budget. This is very important. Many people overspend on items they don’t want or need because they had no boundaries around their spending.

3. Pay with cash when you shop. Paying with cash will feel more “real” and that’s what we need here – to feel it with this shopping experience so you only buy things you truly need and will use.

4. Shop alone. Many of us find that shopping partners are like accomplices in crime! They can tell us to purchase what we don’t want or need.

5. Don’t shop when you are lonely or upset. This is not a list of the emotional states that lead some people to overspend on shopping and end up purchasing things they don’t really want or need.


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